7 Theorems on Life

A very interesting physicist (Prof. Richard Muller) recommended this exercise of jotting down insights from life in a series of theorems.

The ones listed below reflect some of the learnings which have stemmed from personal experiences and others from observing the workings of the world around.  These don’t carry complex mathematical proofs to prove their veracity. But I hope they are powerful enough to rise up in your awareness whenever you need their wisdom to come to your aid.

1) Theorem: Execution is the only way knowledge gets converted to learning

Corollary: Reading books, taking courses and watching videos don’t mean much unless you are ready to put atleast some of it to practice

2) Theorem: Leveraging your strengths always has a better probability of success than working on your weaknesses

Associated Wise Saying: Success is achieved by developing our strengths, not by eliminating our weaknesses – Marilyn vos Savant

3) Theorem: No decision ought to be taken while in any of these states: Frustration, Anger and Sadness

Corollary: Even the wisest counsellor during moments of unchecked emotion turns into a fool

4) Theorem: Comparing happiness, financial status or perceived level of success is the shortest road to misery

Associated Commandment: Never tie your self-worth to fleeting indicators which society deems important

5) Theorem: Any result achieved through violence and fear is never lasting

Corollary: The means to an end are equally important for sustaining the end

6) Theorem: The harder one tries to hold on to things, the faster they disappear

Associated Wise Saying: The greater part of human activity is designed to make permanent those experiences and joys which are only lovable because they are changing – Alan Watts

7) Theorem: The greatest teacher is adversity; the worst enemy is insecurity

Inspired by: Muller’s Theorems

I recommend you to attempt something along similar lines. I’m sure you will be surprised at your own wisdom.


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