How to get verified on Instagram?

I will tell you about 100% proven techniques about how to get official on Instagram! Become an official Instagram account and surprise your friends.

What’s that?

Blue mark/tick is a sign, that the profile is owned by a public person or celebrity. The main point of it is to distinguish the official celebrities’ account from clones and crooks. Sometimes shady people earn money by creating fake accounts: they publish ads on behalf of celebrity or deceive the follower to get his money.

You can’t buy the dearest mark. You can get it only official from Instagram. There are one honest way and a dishonest one :)

Honest way, but hardly probable way:

            1. Open your Instagram app

            2. Swipe left and select “Settings”

            3. Find “Request verification” section

            4. Fill in the form with your official name.

            5. Select a category of your “fame” :)

            6. And attach a photo of any your official document with your name or date of birth.

            7. Send it and hope for the success! :)

To increase your chances for official verification I recommend having a solid number of subscribers, consistent feed and structured BIO with links to your official accounts in other social media platforms. If you have all these features, you request for a verified badge on Instagram will be approved

Dishonest way, but hundred-per-cent way:

    1. Open the web version of Instagram.

    2. Go to the profile of a famous celebrity with a blue mark.

    3. Point at the blue mark and click the right mouse button.

    4. Select “Inspect”.

    5. Copy the highlighted code.

    6. Open your Instagram page.

    7. Point at your account name and click the right mouse button.

    8. Select “Inspect”.

    9. Point at the highlighted fragment and click the right mouse button.

10. Select “Edit as HTML”

11. Paste the saved information at the end of the fragment.

12. Close the code window.

Enjoy! Show your friends and be happy! :)

Unfortunately, the official mark will disappear as soon as you refresh the page.

But this method always works 100%.

I want to warn you: never pay anyone for a promise to get an Instagram verified symbol for your account. It’s impossible to get it for money.   

Hope you enjoyed reading this article about Instagram blue tick emoji.

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