What is My Calling in Life?

What is the Purpose of Life? Why am I here?

What is my Calling in Life?

These are the questions we might have asked ourselves at one point or another in our life. They carry so much power because they get us to focus on the crux of our reason for exist and help define our direction in life.

More and more people are growing weary of pursuing a traditional 9 to 5 job. They are beginning to realize that they have a limited time on this planet and it’s much better to do something meaningful than chase after the trappings of money, fame and power.

This has led to the search for a calling in life. A Calling is what gives you the purpose to carry out actions; it makes them meaningful while giving you fulfillment. But to discover this is not an easy task. It requires extensive soul-searching and dedication.

Agapi Stassinopoulos had written a brilliant article on Huffington post which inspired me to write this post and elaborate on the theme mentioned there. She talks about the importance of answering five crucial questions at various stages in life if you want to discover your calling. These questions also help you to check if you’re on the right track.

“I don’t know what my calling is, but I want to be here for a bigger reason. I strive to be like the greatest people who have ever lived”

Will Smith

What am I here to Learn?

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Unfortunately as people grow up, they forget to ask themselves this question. Just think about it. As a kid you always knew what you wanted next. Your innate curiosity and enthusiasm made you constantly explore and seek new things to learn about.

But as you grew up, you started taking things for granted.  Complacency set in. You began to learn what others thought you should. Blind following replaced active curiosity. Fear of ridicule replaced bold energy.

The wise men have often told us that we’re all here to learn lessons from life. These might vary for every individual but they help each one in the evolution of his/her being. That curiosity which propelled you as a kid still exists. It is not dead yet. All that is needed is for you to ask yourself what lessons you wish to learn.

This realization will definitely help you to discover your calling.

 What am I here to Teach?

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You might say I don’t really want to teach anyone! But whether you realize it or not, every moment of our existence is spent in either learning from others about new things or teaching others what we know.

Teachings need not be given out from a stage. An innocent conversation among friends in a pub, a harsh scolding to shake someone up from their laziness or even a funny joke about life can be enough to trigger powerful teachings which might affect the listener.

So ask yourself what are you teaching those around you without being conscious of it? Do people naturally gravitate to you when they need advice on a particular topic? Are you considered a natural expert on something?

You never know when the answer might lead you to become a visionary in a field which has been calling out to you!

What am I here to Overcome?

Overcome Obstacles

Just as we are gifted with unique strengths, we all have our share of weaknesses and fears. Your ability to find your calling will depend on asking yourself what these are how you’ll overcome them.

When you start replacing “I am afraid of” and “I can never do that” with “I won’t let it hold me back” and “I may fail but I’ll definitely try”, you start creating opportunities out of obstacles. As rapper 50 cent calls it ‘You begin to turn shit into sugar’

By doing this you will open yourself to new vistas previously unexplored. The very things you fear will help you find that elusive purpose in life you have been searching all along. Your calling is hidden in your deepest fears waiting to be discovered. Move ahead boldly and make it yours!

What am I here to Complete?


We all seek fulfillment don’t we? Have you ever wondered why we use that specific word “ful –fill –ment”? Because the word signifies the need to finish, the need to complete what we started. To become whole again by adding your contributions to this world.

Another dimension to this question is to realize this completing does not refer to external activities. The outer work is there to fill the inner void. What burning desire in you compels you to action? What is that thing you seek to find by doing all the activities that you do?

The moment you find that thing seeking completion, you can be sure you have found your calling. Your quest will become clearer as the shadows of uncertainty fade away giving way to the light of your wisdom.

What am I here to Express?

Martin Luther King

This is probably the toughest among all questions to find the answer to. It will require you to look inwards and listen to your heart.

Your life is an expression of your intent. All your thoughts and words are already aligned in giving this unique expression its own form. What’s needed is for you to find what you are already expressing without your knowledge.

It may be a value, belief or a vision. Your expression will be hidden in the depths of your actions. The difficult part is to name it and embrace it. The moment that happens you will fearlessly announce your message to the entire world.

 “Non- Violence is the greatest force at the disposal of mankind” – Mahatma Gandhi

“I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed” – Martin Luther King Jr

See how the expressions of these two great souls reflect their lives?

Persist and Don’t Give Up

Jobs quote

You will face difficulties. You will have to tolerate others telling you to play safe and stick to the conventional paths. Heck, you might even have to face loneliness in your journey. But if you persist long enough, you will definitely stumble onto your true calling in life.

Remember, what differentiates successful people from others is their ability to stay longer with the problem than ignoring it or running away from it.

I hope you find the answer to these questions and find your true calling in life.



  1. Rohan Chaubey (@TechBluemoon) said:

    Hi Niks,

    Having a purpose in life is what keeps us moving. That would be so awful to have nothing to do and achieve. One should at least have one purpose in life and one must put in all the power and might to accomplish it.

    Learning is a never ending process. Constant will to learn more is what keeps us updated and gives direction to our purpose.

    Well said Niks. Each one teaches something to someone and in return learns something from someone. I liked that pic under “What am I here to Overcome?”. Fear might block us from living our life’s purpose. As you said, overcoming it will open the hidden purpose of life.

    Nice quote from Steve Jobs. Thanks for sharing this motivational post. I often get too engrossed in reading your posts. They have something to implement in life and make it better.

    The purpose of life not just lies in just staying alive, but in finding something you live for…

    January 28, 2015
    • Hi Rohan 🙂

      You are spot on when you say a purpose is what keeps us going. Learning from and teaching to is an integral part of everything we do! I really appreciate your views and you know I count on you for my technical advise 😀

      Thanks buddy and have a nice week ahead!

      January 29, 2015
  2. Harleena Singh (@harleenas) said:

    Hi Nik,

    Thought provoking post 🙂

    What a coincidence that Ikechi had shared quite a similar post, followed by Lea, though with their own variations – all making us think deep. 🙂

    Coming to your post, I liked the way you explained the meaning of the word calling, so that people understand it’s true meaning. Yes, it’s living a life of purpose, a real meaningful, purpose-driven life. Not the one just for money, fame, and power – that everyone has to lead.

    You bet! Learning is more of following what others teach us, right from the time we are kids, till we take up jobs! Yes – either we are learning or teaching, very rarely just experiencing or living the moment, just being!

    Your calling is hidden in your deepest fears waiting to be discovered. Move ahead boldly and make it yours!- Powerful words, and I wish more people would really understand and use them! I agree with what Gandhi and MLK had to express, just as shared in the previous post here. And giving up is the escapist way, the easiest thing anyone can do. Having the courage to fight it out is what makes you live a life on purpose.

    Thanks for sharing this inspirational post with us, which would help many 🙂

    January 28, 2015
    • Hi Harleena 🙂

      As you said it was amazing, uplifting and hilarious at the same time when I saw Ikechi and Lea writing about similar themes, each with their own unique signature 🙂

      I love your style of commenting which is both analytical and descriptive 🙂 You seem to pick up the power words and put forth your views in a gentle way 🙂 Thank you for your constant support!

      Have a swell week ahead!

      January 29, 2015
  3. AJ Walton said:

    Hey Nik,
    Really like the questions, I didn’t find it easy to come up with answers:

    Learn: How to unite people for common good
    Teach: How to think creatively, rationally, skeptically, and solve problems
    Overcome: Hate, fear, self-doubt, apathy, negativity.
    Complete: travel around the world, raise $1 million for charity, speak 12 languages.
    Express: human nature isn’t evil, we just have to learn how to express parts of what we are, and compassionately direct other parts

    Since you asked me for feedback, I’ll say this, you consruct really beautiful posts, both in terms of content and visual appeal. I actually like your layout more than my own in many ways hahah. Your writing is clear and accessable, as well as thought provoking. I think I have much to learn from you my friend.

    Keep up the great work,

    January 29, 2015
    • Welcome AJ!

      Its an honor to have an awesome blogger such as yourself to come and visit 🙂 I can’t tell you how elated I am with your feedback. Thank you for taking the time out and writing your views!

      I think you have profound answers to these questions and are well on your way to living your calling! ( I’m pretty sure you already are! 😀 ) Teach: How to think creatively, rationally, skeptically, and solve problems – That is indeed inspirational mon ami!

      I wish you a great week ahead!

      January 29, 2015
  4. ikechi said:

    Hi Nik

    I agree that we need to collaborate more :). This is pure genius. You asked 5 crucial questions that will transform one from confusion to intention.

    I love the questions because they are important ones that would help us to reflect on our lives; our mission on this earth.

    When we know what we are here to learn, it would enable us to pass the dream to others. We will never be afraid of our challenges because we know that when we overcome them, we reach the journey of completion and learn to express ourselves in ways that we never imagine. Now like you have beautifully revealed in this post, this quest is a journey but a man that can constantly reflect on these wisdom will stand before kings.

    Thanks for sharing

    January 29, 2015
    • Hi Ikechi 🙂

      You have summed it up beautifully here! “but a man that can constantly reflect on these wisdom will stand before kings” – I absolutely loved this! You are a wordsmith my friend 🙂 Keep doing the great work that you do!

      Thanks for sharing your views 🙂

      January 29, 2015
  5. ajaybpai said:

    HI Nik, Reading a couple of your thoughts, I have become a FAN of yours. You are a good public speaker.
    I am only half through this topic of “what is my calling in life”? Bookmarked for a read tonight.

    Thanks for the share.

    January 29, 2015
    • Hey Ajay 🙂

      I hope you read the entire thing and find it adding value 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!


      January 29, 2015
  6. Anoop Gupta said:

    Hello Niks

    You have chosen a great topic. In today’s world, every body is so busy in daily routine life that most of us don’t have the time to think what is the purpose of our existence.

    All the questions in your post give a direction to our thought process so that all us can seek our unique answers to these common questions. Our answers will be unique because all of us have a unique role to play in the scheme of things created by God.

    Keep sharing your beautiful thoughts.

    January 29, 2015
    • Thank you for those beautiful words Anoop 🙂 Have a blast!

      January 30, 2015
  7. Vernon said:

    Hi Nik,

    I remember as a kid looking up in the blue sky and asking myself: Why am I here? I think God put that question in us all and I believe He have a plan for each of us. He wants us to learn, teach, and overcome just as you mentioned.

    And if we fail, it’s our responsibility to return to the path He intended for us. So many of us come up with a master plan for our life but don’t include the Master.

    We need to seek out His will and follow it and like you said, don’t give up.

    Thanks for the reminder.

    January 30, 2015
    • Beautiful wisdom there Vernon 🙂 Thank you for sharing it here! And always a pleasure to share the little knowledge I have my friend 🙂

      January 31, 2015
  8. Renee said:

    Great post! It woke me up a bit.

    January 31, 2015
    • Hi Renee!

      I am happy you were able to find some value 🙂 Would love to hear more from you!

      January 31, 2015
  9. iswadhin said:

    HI Nik,
    Inspiring post it is. I am glad I came across this.

    You’ve made me to think again on my calling. And it’s a great time because weekends are most thought provoking for me.

    I haven’t asked myself about my calling since long. How far I have come is now a point to be considered. You made me thinking Nik.
    Have a great weekend. 🙂

    March 7, 2015

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